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For a limited time, I am giving away two of my best selling eBooks on Amazon KDP. These eBooks show you how to get started on creating and publishing eBooks on Amazon Kindle! Once you've published your eBook, you now need to market and promote your eBook. The 2nd eBook shows you the exact techniques I use to make lots of sales on Amazon KDP! Download Now.

Over 3000 eBooks Created with UEC on Amazon KDP
I am so excited and proud to tell you that collectively my customers have used Ultimate eBook Creator and published over 3000 eBooks on Amazon KDP and other platforms such as Barnes & Noble, iBookstore, Smashwords and more.
Here is a very small sample of eBooks published!.

How to Self Publish your eBook
Many people have a dream of being an author and wonder how to go about publishing an eBook and specifically how to self publish on Kindle, Barned & Noble, iBookStore, Smashword, Lulu. Well I have some really good news for you. All you will need is the Ultimate eBook Creator - which is probably one of the best eBook creation software on the market today. You can write your eBook from scratch unsing the built in professional WYSIWYG editor or, if you already have your content in a text file or word document, then you can literally import all your content into UEC, organize your content into chapters and sections and have your e-book published in less than 30 mins (depending on how large the book is). UEC is probably the only e-book software you will ever need! It takes care of all your complex formatting and automatically generates your "Table of Contents", so all your formatting headaches are gone! You can generate for Kindle (MOBI), Barnes and Noble, iBookStore, Smashwords, LULU.com (EPUB) or generate an MS Word document or even a PDF document!

How to Publish on Kindle
Once again this is a very simple process. It's almost like painting by numbers! In fact when you buy my Ultimate eBook Creator, I will also give you a step by step guide which shows you how to publish your UEC generated Kindle e-book (in .MOBI format) right into Kindle. In fact I gave my 16 year old son a project for summer. He wrote his eBook using the UEC eBook software in 2 days and had it uploaded into Kindle on the third day. Here's the book if you are intersted - NBA Trivia. He is making between $300-$500 per month on this book alone!

Kindle eBook Formatting is EXCRUCIATING!
Did you know that 95% of the people who manage to publish an eBook for the Kindle never sell a single copy. It's not thier content. Most of the time the author has probably spent hours, even days or weeks writing the eBook. So why do they fail! Well it's the final step ... Formatting the eBook!

One Bad Comment is All It Takes!
Formatting your eBook to satisfy the rules for Amazon KDP is not easy! All you have to do is Google search the phrase "Kindle formatting issues" and you'll see what I mean. Poor formatting results in bad customer experience, and even worse, puts your book on Amazon’s poor quality radar and they will warn or even remove your eBooks from Amazon KDP! This is one of the main reasons why there are so many eBook formatting services online. Most charge a monthly fee of $27 or more. Just imagine paying $27 per month! That's a lot of money! Not with UEC. Because with UEC you only pay a one time fee and get lifetime of free updates!
UEC is so easy to use! It takes care of all that complex formatting, so you can can focus on the content which is what you like to do! The Ultimate eBook Creator takes care of all the complex XML, XHTML, HTML5, CSS and all other format related techie nerdy stuff that you can just don't need to worry about!

Get Your Book Accepted On Amazon KDP the First Time!
Getting your eBooks accpeted on Kindle, iBookStore, LuLu, Smashwords and Barnes & Noble is probably one of the most difficult tasks you will encounter. Don't believe me? Just do a simple Google search on say "iBookStore formatting" and you will read tons of blogs and stories about people struggling with the iBookStore. Here's the process. You upload your book using a service like lulu.com. Wait 3-4 weeks to get your eBook validated. If there is even one error, your eBook will be rejected! But here's the kicker. They DO NOT tell you ALL the errors at once. Then you fix that one error and submit again. Wait another 3 weeks to see if your eBook got accepted. This goes on and on until you fix all the eBook errors... PAINFUL!! Not with UEC though. I have so many UEC customers who email me back and say "Hey Nitin, my eBook got accepted the first time! And I only had to wait 4 hours!".

Publish to iBookstore, Smashwords and LULU the First Time!
If you think publishing to Amazon is hard, wait till you try the other platforms! I have had so many customers tell me that UEC is probably the only software available that publishes to Apple's iBookstore,
Smashwords.com and LULU.com the first time. You see UEC compiles 100% perfectly validated EPUB files, so no need to spend money on services that do this for you.

Never Worry About eBook Formatting Ever Again!
Here's the good news. Ultimate eBook Creator takes care of all the complexities of formatting your eBooks once and for all. This is because UEC creates your eBooks from the ground up and generates 100% clean and lean XHTML code - unlike Calibre that tries to convert a Microsoft Word document with all that junk formatting hidden characters that make your eBooks look like c***! You know what I am trying to say! Now even though your eBook may look ok from a formatting point of view but the XHTML code it creates is just horrible and bloats your eBooks with junk code that increases the size of your eBook. Amazon KDP and other platforms have a maximum size limit for your eBooks and if you have images then you are at a greater risk of having an eBook that exceeds the max size limit!

Creating Interactive eBook is Easy!
The latest eBooks that are selling like hotcakes are INTERACTIVE eBookS! With the Ultimate eBook Creator, you can now easily create Interactive eBooks. Quiz books, childrens books, puzzle books. The list goes on and on.

Do You Really Want to Read the Kindle Publishing Guide?
Without UEC, you would need to read and Understand every single word of thier documentation to get it right. If you miss even one single requirement, YOU'LL GET IT WRONG and your book can be rejected because it fails the EPUB validation!

If you get it wrong AND somehow manage to get through the Amazon's evaluation process, people who buy your book will not only leave HORRIBLE reviews and ask for an immediate refund! And getting a refund on Amazon is a simple click. No questions asked!

Adventure Path eBooks
UEC alows you to create simple Interactive eBooks. Here's an example of a sports trivia interactive eBook that my son created on Amazon KDP - NBA Interactive Trivia.

Over 3000 eBook Publishers Are Already Using UEC to Crush it on Kindle
It's no secret that Amazon Kindle is the new GOLD RUSH on the internet. It's got millions of buyers, hungry for eBooks just like yours. In fact over $20 Billion dollars worth of eBooks sold in 2012 alone and this year that total will probably add a few more billion! There is zero upfront cost and Amazon does all that hard and tedious marketing for you. I am happy to say that the Ultimate eBook Creator has sold over 3000 copies to date! Many eBooks on Amazon KDP have been created using the Ultimate eBook Creator. Many UEC users are making between $100 to $5000 per month on Amazon KDP thanks to UEC!

What Happend to UEC Trial Version?
I used to offer a trial version and I had over 20 downloads per day. The problem was that most of these people who downloaded the trial were time wasters. They would ask me silly questions that were all answered if they bothered to watch my step by step video tutorials. Then when I sent them valuable information and updates (yes I even updated my free trial version), many people would accuse me of spamming them, and also saying, you send too many emails!! I am only sending them a new UEC trial version or a new video tutorial! Go figure.

So I decided, enough was enough. I no longer provide a trial. I only want to deal with people who are serious authors or writers and need to quickly format and publish their books. I have found that my sales have not only increased, but I only get serious and genuine authors and writers or marketers who want to make serious money selling eBooks!

Plus, you have 60 days to try the full version of UEC after purchase. If you are not happy in any way, I will refund 100% of your money. No questions asked!

UEC Price too High Compared with Other Products?
You may think that UEC is little expensive when compared with other tools. Well, almost all my customers tell me that UEC is priced way to low! Many tell me in fact that UEC should be at least $97! Why? because if you are a serious writer and want to publish your eBook or physical book on Amazon Kindle, Barnes and Noble, Smashwords, iBookstore, Lulu and many more, then UEC is probably the only product that formats clean and 100% accurate MOBI and EPUB, MS Word and PDF files. In fact i invite you to check out the formatting service pricing of Green Publishing company. Their basic eBook formatting service price is $199! That's just one eBook! And trust me serious authors who do not know about UEC yet, are more than willing to pay this price. But you do not have to. UEC is just a one time payment with the added benefit of FREE lifetime updates! There's just no better offer out there!

Multiple Language Support
The UEC user interface now supports the English and German languages. In the future French and Spanish will also be added. Remember I am not talking about the spell checker which supports more than 80 different languages!

Multi Language Spell Checker
UEC has a multiple language spell check built in. So whether you write your book in French, German, Spanish, Italian and many more(around 80 other languages) - UEC's got you covered!

Does UEC Work on the MAC?
Ultimate eBook Creator is a Windows desktop application (XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8). However it will run very well on a Mac provided you have a PC emulational such as the Parallels or VMWare Fusion. In fact I have many many customers who use a Mac and they tell me UEC runs perfectly on the MAC with the emulator.

After Sales Support?
I am very serious about serving my customers and I will always try and help as much as I can. I answer support questions usually within the hour or sooner. But of course even I need to sleep, and then I answer the next day. Here's what my customers say about my support Click Here ....

You have a 30 day 100% no quibble money back guarantee. If you are not happy with the UEC for any reason, just email me within 60 days and i will refund 100% of your money! After refund, the software will be deactivated and so will not work any longer.

FREE Lifetime Software Updates!
Here's another guarantee. You only pay a ONE TIME FEE - but you will get FREE lifetime of updates! This means all the new features I add to UEC such as embedded audio and video support will be free for all customers!

The Ultimate eBook Creator is a complete system with three products in one:
Editor, eBook Generator( MOBI, EPUB, PDF, MS Word), Writer's Studio

Professional WYSIWYG Editor:
eBook pro editor and formatter
Stand alone pro editor for physical books - Amazon Createspace
Multi Language Spell Checker - over 80 languages!
User Interface in English and German Languages (French, Spanish coming soon)
Auto generates and formats the Table of Contents (TOC)
Change font, color, style and more ...
Import Microsoft Word documents, PDF and UEC Projects
Insert text, images, MS Word documents
Insert Web Links to external web sites
Insert Bookmarks and link to bookmarks
Embed Audio and Video into your eBook
Create Interactive eBooks

MS Word Conversion Tool:
Convert your manuscript in MS Word format directly to:
  • MOBI
  • EPUB
  • PDF

eBook File Generator:
Export your UEC project as a final eBook in the following file formats:
  • Amazon MOBI
  • EPUB (100% validated to the specifications of: International Digital Publishing Forum)
  • PDF with Clickable Table of Contents
  • Microsoft Word document (doc, docx) with Clickable Table of Contents

Photoshop Quality Image Optimizer Tool:
Reduce large images to fit the eBook page into smaller images of high quality while maintaining aspect ratio!
  • Adjust Scale (%)
  • Adjust Width & Height Dimensions
  • Ajust Quality Filter

Professional Writer's Studio System:
Outline and structure your ideas, take notes, - like Scrivener
Built in Editor just like MS Word
Organize your book plots and ideas into unlimited categories and sub categories as deep as you want
Import and organize 1000s of articles and content (Text, images)
Search your content and plots in seconds - simple and advanced search options
Import 1000s of PLR (Text) articles in folders with a few simple clicks
Optional enable login feature to protect your content
Password protect any individual article or content

Here's what my customers say about UEC...
After spending years wandering in the wasteland ...

After spending years wandering in the wasteland that was e-pub formatting and finding no simple or credible software solution to the complex issues regarding e-pub formatting, I stumbled upon Ultimate Ebook Creator. Learning to use this very sophisticated program was a quick and nearly effortless task. And although Nitin’s video tutorials are splendid and offer “easy-to-understand” instruction on the use of the program, I found the intuitive construction and processes of the program very simple to follow.

Now, armed with UEC, I have been able to get twenty books launched into an e-book world that I previously was not able to penetrate. Nitin’s Ultimate Ebook Creator has opened doors and opportunities for my books into markets I thought would never be accessible to a small publishing company like mine. For authors, UEC represents a quantum shift in e-pub publishing that did not exist before. Now, there’s no excuse for any author to fail! WELL DONE, Nitin! WELL DONE Ultimate Ebook Creator!

Val E. Simone
Lakewood, CO

14 books published on Amazon Kindle and thanks to UEC ...

I have been using the Ultimate eBook Creator for writing, publishing and selling my books on Kindle for over 3 months now and have found this to be an effortless way to get my books onto Amazon quickly and correctly. Many of my fellow authors, who are not using UEC, report that they have trouble formatting their books. Well, I have had no such trouble at all and my books have all been uploaded and published first time, every time.

I now have 14 books published on Amazon Kindle and thanks to UEC, I am working on a few more. I would recommend Ultimate eBook Creator to any author out there who wants a hassle free, easy to use system to write and publish their books online.

Stuart Fish
Sydney, Australia

Easy to use and helps solve a problem...

I've been publishing on the kindle for over two years and without exception every problem I've had since day one has been related to formatting. Not only does poor formatting have a negative impact on sales and feedback ratings but producing a perfectly formatted kindle book is a very time consuming process.

Thanks to The Ultimate eBook Creator these two major issues are now a thing of the past and I'm free to concentrate solely on my writing. Like all great products Nitin's Ultimate eBook Creator is intuitive, easy to use and helps solve a problem.

Another thing that makes The Ultimate eBook Creator stand out from the crowd is Nitin's very professional customer service. When I used the first version of the UEC none of the links I'd included to external websites were clickable. I e-mailed Nitin to let him know and within a couple of days I was sent an updated version of the UEC complete with instructions on how to produce working web links.

Great product, great service - highly recommended.

David Webb

I had given up ...

I had given up on uploading my books to kindle, I uploaded 1 at the end of last year and 1 at the beginning of this year, they took much more time formatting and getting them ready to upload, than it did to actually write them. I could not add pictures to them, (too complicated) and the formatting looked bad, on one of them I could not get the table of contents to look right.

Since I planned to write in different niches, I used a pen name for the medical niche, a lot of writers do this, (even Stephen King has used pen names including the name Richard Bachman), I decided on Cliff Howser and put the first 2 books for sale at a price of only $.99 in order to learn the ropes, then my plan was to upload them to Barnes and Nobles Nook. I would raise the price on the next ones I wrote.

Even with the kindle course that I had purchased, the books took way too much time for me to do, and too complicated, I wasn't even going to waste my time to learn the Nook formatting, (which is different from the Kindle). I had given up on both!

I received an email with a link to Ultimate eBook Creator, it looked like I could actually write the Kindle books and then upload easily. I purchased the software, the 1st thing I did was redo the 2 Kindle books that I had for sale, after watching the videos, I just copied the content from them into the Ultimate eBook Creator, easily added pictures, and resubmited. The formatting was much better, looked more professional.

After that I thought how hard would it be now to upload these books to Barnes and Noble for sale.

I opened an account and just clicked within the software to format the books for the Nook, it was a piece of cake, it only took a minute to do that. Now I will be writing and uploading books regularly.

As far as support, I had a problem with the program's article database working on my computer, I sent an email to support on a Saturday, and got an answer back in minutes, they figured out that I had a missing file in my Microsoft Windows, they sent me a link to download that file, and it works perfectly. I can't believe the low price on this software, I seen an online software to make the Kindle books and format them but they wanted something like $29. a month, thats crazy!

Out of the dozens of software purchases that I have made in my 6 years of online markerting, this software is at the very top for value and quality!

Sheryl S.
Pella, Iowa

My Name is George ...

My Name is George and I am a Universal eBook Creator happy user. When I first started this Kindle Publishing Project I found a number of people who woul fomat my book for a price. Somehow I stumbled on Nitin's program and started formatting. Within hours of starting I uploaded my book. I ran into several minor problems along the way but Nitin took care of them. Some were solved almost intstantly. There is no better formatting program for mr. I used Nitin's Universal eBook Creator the first time I formatted a book for Kindle & Nook. I have no plans of ever using any other programs. Each time I had a problem it was taken care of right away. Sometimes I felt that the program was being updated to handle my problem. Look no further!

George P.

You don't have to worry about formatting ...

The Ultimate eBook Creator is most useful in producing eBooks for amazon's kindle in a short time. You don't have to worry about formatting, etc. because it's all done for you and it's excellent for newbies like me. I've already uploaded 5 eBooks to amazon's kindle store. Nitin is most supportive in terms of quick response to help needed which is very important as you don't get held-up when you need help while doing your project.

Peggy Chan

I belong to an author's mastermind group ...

You have helped me so much, I can't thank you enough. I am just about ready to pull the trigger on the next book. I belong to an author's mastermind group and saw people complaining about how long it takes them to format for kindle. I dropped your link in the discussion, saying it's well-worth the money! And it is, this thing has a lot more functionality than anything else I've tried - and I love the fact that you're constantly working on new things. The spellchecker will be an awesome feature to have in it, and so will the ability to turn it into a pdf! I have had people ask me to send them a document of my books, but I haven't been able to do that because I've gone from writing in a word doc to just writing in your program because it's just so darned easy to use.


Endorsement for Nitin Mistry

As a result of your help, I’m happy to report that my Kindle book, “A Leader’s Guide to Any Situation: The 10 Key Strategies” was just approved by Amazon. I uploaded it yesterday and it included links (which your video tutorial clearly showed how to create). At last count I had bought, over the past 12 months, an even dozen “How To” programs all promising to have the best and simplest methods for creating Kindle books. They all lacked something. Ultimately (pun intended), UEC and your help was the only one that I could follow and create a Kindle book in which I was truly satisfied with the ease of use and final results. Keep up the good work!

John Nicholas
I like a lot of guys buy shinny objects on impulse

I like a lot of guys buy shinny objects on impulse, thinking… hey this looks great I will start writing some books. And that is as far as I got with Kinstant...

Fast forward March/April 2013

Since then I have just started to look around at other alternatives such as 'Kindle Writer 2' (on trial) - which I did like, but I thought let’s have a good look around this time and not buy on impulse.

So I took a look at Scrivener - a little too complicated for me at the age of 70.

There were a few others but they do not seem worth or warrant mentioning here…

Then I somehow stumbled across your 'Ultimate eBook Creator', and after tinkering around with it I was so surprised how easy it was to use - Wow talk about paint by numbers… so I eventually purchased with no regrets.

This is not exactly answering your question, but just to let you know that I think, well I'm almost sure you have the best option available especially for those that are a little technically challenged - which I fall under...

Will I use your software? You bet. This one is not going to gather dust by sitting around on my hard-drive.

P.S. Another reason for my purchase is that I do like the way you explain things, in as much, you do not take for granted that people are all on the same wavelength as yourself. Everything is explained precisely and clearly in very good English. You seem to have gone the extra mile.

Kudos to you

Kindest regards Vic Spain

Victor Daly
formatted and uploaded to the Kindle store perfectly

Hi, Nitin, Just a quick note to tell you that my first Kindle book, Mylo's Quest(under pen name Wayne McIntyre) , just went live over the weekend. I couldn't have done it without UEC! It formatted and uploaded to the Kindle store perfectly on first try. Thanks for this great piece of software. Hope you keep working on it.

Larry Howeth
wanted to let you know how disappointed I am...

Hi Nitin!

I purchased Ultimate eBook Creator last week. I just wanted to let you know how disappointed I am - disappointed that I didn't have this a lot sooner!!

A few months ago I created my first eBook for Kindle and uploaded it. I was never happy with it because I didn't have proper links, no pictures, no table of contents and it looked too amateurish. I couldn't figure out how to do any of that stuff! I was never happy with what I had and wanted to find a way to improve my eBook and create more.

While searching Google for an eBook creator I came across your software sales page. Before I viewed all the videos and read the entire page I clicked on the BUY button and purchased it. It wasn't until after I bought and installed Ultimate eBook Creator I finished watching the videos and read the rest of the sales page.

This is way beyond my expectations and does more than I imagined. This is exactly what I had been searching for and I would have paid 2 or 3 times the price you're selling it for!

I have since updated my eBook and made it more professional looking and feel a lot better about it now. I have ideas for more eBooks using your software. This is THE BEST investment I've made in a long time!

I am looking forward to learning more from you and getting much use from Ultimate eBook Creator.

Thank you so much!!!

Joel Naphin
Ontario, Canada
I have purchased UEC after researching similar products

Since I have purchased UEC after researching similar products, I can say that I am very happy with the product since my purchase. One of the main reasons why I purchased it was because of the integrity and personal involvement of Nitin Mistry when it came to his personal attention in answering all my questions about the product. He always answered any question on the same day that I made any inquiry about the product; even on a Sunday one time! He is truly sincere and concerned with anyone who has purchased it and will answer any questions they might have. What other product can you buy and get this type of personal service?

Yes, I like the product but I also like the person behind the product (Nitin Mistry) and the honesty and thoughtfulness that he shows in helping others achieve their writing goals. His products allow for more time writing and memorializing it than worrying about the mechanics of using some software. I feel that Nitin will always be there to help anyone, even those who might not have even purchased his product to make an intelligent decision in purchasing this type of software for their writing needs.

Steve W
System Requirements:
This software is a Windows Desktop Application Only!
This software will ONLY work on the Mac if you have a PC emulation software
like Parallels or VMWare Fusion installed on your Mac.

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