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Frequently Askes Questions (FAQ)

I tried to Activate, but it says 'Unable to connect to remote server. . . ' I do have internet connection , don't understand problem.. Can you help please
This is usually realted to the security settings on your computer. If you have a virus software running such as Norton anti virus or Macafee, then you can simpy right click the uec.exe and scan the file for virus. Of course UEC is not a virus and therefore the scan will come back saying all is ok. The other option you can try is to put the UEC activation service running at www.marketingnicheprofits.com part of the whitelist of trusted web URLs.

What is the page size on Kindle
One thing you must realize is that all eBook devices (Kindle, Kobo etc) do not have a fixed page size. You see eBook devices are more like browsers. They all use FLOW TEXT which means that the effective page size is based on three aspects. The font type, the font size and the zoom factor. All these options are controlled by the user! So your eBook layout may not look the same as in UEC. so please keep this in mind, when you format your eBook in UEC.

What is the largest size image that I can use for a page in my Kindle book?
Depends on the size of the device. I explain all this in my videos.

What is the best Font to use?
Amazon suggests Times New Roman with a size of 12. What happens is that when you upload your MOBI (or EPUB) file to Amazon KDP, your font is converted to the 'Kindle Publication Font'. Now the user can change the font to any font available on her Kindle device.

What is the best image format to use?
I would suggest you only use jpg file.

What is the best Kindle Cover Size?
Use width=2820px, height=4500px for all Kindle devices.

Best Image Size to Fill Page of a Kindle fire
for Kindle Fire 7 inches, use any of these sizes - 1200px by 1920px or 600px by 960px or you can use 400px by 640px. They will all work. For Kindle Fire 8.9 inch you can use 1200px by 1920px.

There will be printing on the image, so how do I keep it from pixelating or whatever it is called around the letters?
The formatting for a physical book and ebook are not the same. I would have to say 300 pixels per inch would be a good resolution to set (in Photoshop).

Can photos be moved from the upper left corner as shown in your video and centered on the page or moved to other areas on the page? Can they be enlarged? Type under photos?
1. place them on Left, center or right.
2. You can enter text on the top or bottom
3. You can wrap text around an image
4. You can resize - but NOT recommended as you will lose quality but you will not reduce the data. I suggest you use the built in Image Opimizer too, or photshop or GIMP to resize and then insert into UEC.

Is it possible to create an index page?
All you need to do is create bookmarks at all the places you want to index. Then create an index page, and add Links to those Bookmark as needed. Watch the videos on Links and Bookmarks.

Does UEC offer an affiliate program?
Yes for sure UEC has an affiliate program that gives 50% commission.

To become an Clickbank affiliate follow these steps.

1. goto ClickBank.com
2. Sign up for a free CB affiliate account.
3. Goto the clickbank MARKET place.
4. Search for my product (Ultimate Ebook Creator)
5. Generate your affiliate link
6. Promote the link from your site.

when a customer clicks your link and buys UEC, you will get 50% commission from clickbank automatically.
Watch this video for full details.

Does UEC work on a Apple MAC?
Yes but you will need to install a PC emulator software. There are two popular products. VMWare Fusion and Parallels.I recommend Parallels. Plus there are lots of how to videos on youtube.com that shows you in detail how to install these products.

Why doesn't the program let you save a .mobi or .epub when offline? Does this software require connecting to your website for full function or is it a stand-alone program?
UEC is a stand-alone windows desktop application. Once installed it does not need connectivity to the internet. Having said that, each time you start the UEC application, it will verify your license over the internet. Once the verification is complete, it will not re-verify until you re-start the application again. If UEC cannot verify you, then it goes into OFFLINE Mode. In offline mode all functionality is enabled except the export. This mode also allows for customers to work on book projects and save them as normal while they are travelling. This feature is required to protect my software from piracy.

How many computers can I install UEC on?
UEC comes with 2 activations out of the box. If you want to use UEC on more computers you will need to buy extra activations. At this time of writing, each extra activation costs $33.50. To Buy an extra activation, contact me and I will send you a PayPal money request.

Can I transfer my UEC license from one computer to another?
Yes of course, just send me an email and I will deactivate one of the activations for you.

I have an assistant that lives in the Philipenes who does all my editing for me. How can I use UEC to work with her on my book?
Remember, UEC comes with 2 activations out of the box. So you can send her the UEC software and the same activation code. Then to work on a project, simply send the UEC project file (.uec) to her. She will correct it as needed and send it back to you. While working in this manner, DO NOT specify a book cover in UEC. If you do, then you will need to send her the cover image also and she will have to re-reference that cover in UEC. So to avoid this hassel, do not specify the cover in UEC until the book is complete.

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